These handmade Birthday cards starts from €4.99 to €6.99 depends on size of the card and level of difficulty.
All cards include envelope and can be changed after your suggestions. Greeting wishes will be printed on request.
contact us for more details.
Postage to Rep. of Ireland is €2 or you can also collect it in Limerick, Ireland.
 shippment is not accepted at the moment.
All orders of €20 or more qualify for FREE Delivery.
All orders of €50 or more qualify also for 10% Discount.


BirthdaySean (pic1)

21cm x 21cm, €9.99

BirthdaySean (pic2)

BirthdaySean (pic3)

inc. Envelope

BirthdaySean 2 (pic1)

21cm x 21cm, €9.99

BirthdaySean 2 (pic2)

BirthdaySean 2 (pic3)

inc. Envelope

BirthdayCard 1 (pic1)

12cm x 15cm, €4.99

BirthdayCard 1 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 1 (pic3)

BirthdayBox 2 (pic1)

20cm x 16cm, €5.99

BirthdayBox 2 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 3 (pic1)

20cm x 16cm, €5.99

BirthdayCard 3 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 4 (pic1)

20cm x 16cm, €5.99

BirthdayCard 4 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 5 (pic1)

18cm x 18cm, €5.99

BirthdayCard 6 (pic1)

15cm x 15cm, €5.99

BirthdayCard 6 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 7 (pic1)

14cm x 16cm, €5.99

BirthdayCard 7 (pic2)

BirthdayCard 8 (pic1)

13cm x 15cm, €4.99

If you like one of these cards and you want it please let us know by filling in Order request in Contact us section.
We will contact you as soon as possible.